The following are the terms of service for Project Discovery bookings:

• Your booking constitutes an agreement between you and Project Discovery, Inc. We agree to be responsible for the entire training program, including: (a) Pre-training telephone consulting with contact person. (b) pre-training assessment of needs, goals and aims. (c) provisioning of training site unless a specific site has been requested by you. (d) All logistics of staff and supplies. (e) Provision all necessary training materials. (f) Responsibility for all training and facilitation. (g) Quality control in terms of all services rendered. (h) Availability for post-training follow-up and on-site training as demed appropriate (i) Responsibility for program assessment.

• Your responsibilities include (a) circulating, completing and returning any pre and post training assessment (b) transportation to and from the workshop site, unless specifically designated in a custom contract (c) The training rate calculated within is the minimum training rate and will not be discounted if your group arrives with fewer participants.

• I agree to pay for the amount of people contracted here, even though fewer people may show up for the program.

• I understand that I may have to make an additional payment if we add more participants to our program or make other substantive changes to our program. Substantiative changes to the program shall be approved, in advance, by Project Discovery staff to ensure that proper staffing and equipment is available.

• If you will be paying by check, your check for full payment or approved institutional purchase order must be received within 14 days of booking. Mail to Project Discovery, 1110 Sky Tavern Road, Reno NV 89511

• Project Discovery operates our programs in most weather conditions. Our location near Lake Tahoe guarantees that we will see rain, snow, wind and cold temperatures during most months of the year. You should assume that your event is ON unless notified by Project Discovery staff of a cancellation. Lightning is our primary weather concern.

• Cancellations with at least 14 days before your program will result in a 15% administrative fee.  Cancellations with less than 14 days of notice will result in a forfeiture of 100% of your program fee.

• My group will be responsible for all property damage caused by group members during the Project Discovery program.

• I agree to pay 1.5% monthly for overdue accounts. I agree to be responsible for all legal fees and collection costs associated with collection of an overdue account.

• All participants in Project Discovery programs must sign a Liability Release before participating. Minors will need to have the form signed by a parent or guardian. Forms may be downloaded here.

• Checking the box and agreeing to the terms constitutes an understanding that you have read and agree to the policies and conditions stated in this agreement and any other written material you have received.