School Programs

At Project Discovery, we love working with schools, not only in the Reno-Tahoe region, but from anywhere in northern California and Nevada . If you’re looking for a program that will challenge your students and staff to grow together as a community, you have come to the right place. While we know we are not the only challenge course in the area, we know that we offer a superior product. We don’t just hook you up on a tether and say “Have a good time!” The best learning happens right on the edge of our comfort zones, and our experienced staff of facilitators will work to create an environment where everyone can reach their potential.

Here’s a quick summary of programs we offer to schools:

Ropes Challenge Course Located At Sky Tavern Park

The Project Discovery ropes challenge course offers more than 40 different low and high elements for your group. Nearly every one of these challenges are partnered elements or team elements, where the focus is centered on what we can achieve together. There is no canned program where we just send individuals through a series of elements on their own. Once a group has completed an element, we take the time to step back and ask “What can we learn from that?” before moving on to another element. During a typical full day program, a group will complete somewhere between 8 to 12 elements, depending on the number of people in each group, age levels and other factors.

We believe that the challenge course offers one of the best ways to turn your staff or students into a team for the upcoming school year. The challenge course generally operates from May into October, depending on how much snow is on the ground. The course can accommodate up to 120 participants in a day, and we generally will break into groups of 12-15 participants. We can also offer multi-day programming with onsite camping and night programming available. We can also partner with the Sky Tavern Lodge to provide indoor “slumber party” accommodations and food services. For more information about challenge course bookings, see this page.

Portable Challenges At Your Site

We know that transportation is often one of the greatest challenges for schools. We can bring a Project Discovery portable program right to your school. While these programs do not provide the high adventure we offer at our ropes challenge course, they can still be just as effective in bringing together the team you want to see in your staff or students. We can work indoors or outdoors. We’ve brought our magic to gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms and athletic fields all around the region.

Let Us Create A Custom Program For You

We’re ready to talk when it comes to designing a custom program for your school. Are you looking to work on energizing your staff for the school year, or are you looking to create a bonding experience for your classroom? At Project Discovery, our programs offerings include everything from birthday parties to summer camps to intensive corporate team trainings. We’re happy to pull from our experience to create the program that is just right for your school. Here’s some things we have done in recent years:

• A four day overnight camp focused on team building and outdoor education for 100 students in elementary school

• A mid-winter ski program for high school students

• A boat building challenge at Lake Tahoe for the staff of an alternative school

We’re excited to help you dream up something that will impact your students and staff, inspiring them to bring those positive changes back to the classroom. We encourage your to explore our News page to get a flavor of what a day, or a week, with Project Discovery looks like. If you have more questions, please contact us and we’ll get you answers! We look forward to working with you.