Tahoe Leadership Academy

The Tahoe Leadership Academy was designed to help young people, ages thirteen to sixteen, explore and develop their outdoor leadership potential. Campers enrolled in the Leadership Academy can expect to be challenged in a multiple of ways.

From the physical to the social to the emotional, campers should expect a daily dose of leadership challenge appropriate to their age and ability followed by reflection on what went well and what didn’t go so well so that they might steadily improve their ability to lead, problem-solve, communicate clearly, take responsibility and integrate knowledge into new behaviors. Campers will also be asked to help manage, under adult supervision, high adventure activities such as low and high ropes course elements, rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining and water sports. The two overnights will also challenge the camper to be away from home for the night with their fellow campers.

  • Monday & Tuesday: The first two days of this program will be spent at the Project Discovery Ropes Challenge Course at Sky Tavern. This course is one of the largest challenge courses in the trapeze bar and many team elements up high for all to enjoy. Students will also learn how to belay in a supervised team setting and how to climb and balance on dozens of exciting elements.
  • Wednesday: Students will spend the day at a safe, beginning rock climbing site. Students will use the skills learned on the ropes course and will apply it to real rocks at a well-supervised and safe location. This beginning rock climbing area is a great place to practice the art of rappelling and rock climbing followed by some cooling off with some water play. Campers will be spending this night at Project Discovery in tipi’s.
  • Thursday: Thursday is our Mystery Day where campers will experience a Great Adventure! Campers will also be spending the night at Project Discovery in tipi’s.
  • Friday: The week will conclude with an exciting day on the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe where students will learn about water safety and other travel skills. This last day on the water is a time to enjoy new friendships and relive adventures the group has shared together.

This week will not only provide students with a great adventure in the local Tahoe area but also focus on helping students find and celebrate their own leadership strengths, both as individuals and as team members. The week ends with an appreciation circle celebrating each student’s accomplishments and growth during the week. The goals include improving leadership skills, reflecting upon both leadership strengths and weaknesses and turning those insights into behavioral changes, increases in self-confidence, improvements in communication skills and, of course, the making of new friendships.

We anticipate that dates, pricing and registration for our 2018 camps will be available in February.