BLM’s Last Stand of the Season

The Nevada State Office of Fire Management for the Bureau of Land Management conducted their Post Season debrief with Project Discovery this week. This time of year we are really tossing the dice on weather and lucky for us, there wasn’t a blizzard in the works and all staff braved the snow and cold to deliver excellent performance. The morning was spent on the course with the afternoon dedicated to a great debrief in the Sky Tavern Lodge. As you can see, participants definitely rose to the occasion as they proved themselves and tested their leadership on some very challenging elements including: the Friendship V, X Line, The Big Picture, Pipe Dreams and Tower of Power. I have nothing but praise for these Federal workers and if I could clone them for use with all Federal agencies I certainly would. As Jim Croley often states “Leaders cast a long shadow.”. In this case, that results in highly motivated, highly respected and high performing individuals and teams. They are definitely “on fire” when it comes to their performance! (I know, I can hear the groans… but I just couldn’t resist.) We look forward to working with the Nevada BLM next season!


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