Brookfield School: Double The Adventure At Project Discovery

Students from Brookfield School doubled down on adventure at the Project Discovery ropes course. We had two fun days and one evening to provide them with some big challenges that will prepare them to make their year at Brookfield amazing. One of our facilitators summed up the experience nicely.

The Brookfield middle schoolers were a special force at Project Discovery. These 7th and 8th graders all rose to the occasion, no matter how tough the challenge. They exhibited physical, mental, and emotional strength to form one of the most cooperative teams I have ever seen. They dove deep in our debriefs, discussing how the tools they taught each other along the way could be applied to more than just their lives in school. Thank you Brookfield middle schoolers, you taught me more than I ever thought possible.     -Mark2.0

Here’s a selection of our best photos from the event:

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