Sepulveda Elementary 6th Grade Camp

It’s not even Memorial Day and we started off our season with a bang. More than 100 sixth grade students from Sepulveda Elementary School joined us for a 4 day Outdoor Education and Leadership camp at the Project Discovery ropes course this week. With as much as 4 feet of snow still on the ropes course, everyone faced some extra challenges: digging out elements for the staff and keeping shoes dry for the students. The camp included portable challenges, high course elements and a variety of outdoor education programs. Housing and food services for the camp were handled by the Sky Tavern Ski Program staff.

When the students left they were completely different kids.  They learned to trust each other, they made new friendships and went out of their comfort zone.  I saw students who barely talked all year working with others and trying their hardest.  These students built stronger relationships with their peers and made new friends that will really prepare them for the things they will face in day to day life when they get to middle school.   – Ms. Gurling, Sixth Grade Teacher

We look forward to working with Sepulveda Elementary again and hope to see these students again!

Here’s the first batch of pictures…more to come!

UPDATE (5/27/17 4:40pm): more pictures added from another couple of facilitators

UPDATE (6/27/17 11:50am): the last few pictures uploaded today

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2 thoughts on “Sepulveda Elementary 6th Grade Camp”

  1. I wanted to commend the staff of Project Discovery. I think stating that your program was full of heart was an understatement, it was inspiring and thought provoking as well. I know the sixth graders of Sepulveda left with memories and skills they will carry with them for a lifetime. i saw so much growth in the four days we were there! As a chaperone, I took away some invaluable lessons myself. Emily was so positive and full of vigor; she was charmingly infectious. I was tearful and unable to fully express to her the impact she had upon my group of kids. Please let her know that she was amazing. I wasn’t expecting such a great experience so close to home. Thank you for the week. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt comments. We really appreciate them. Don’t know why your comments were not seen before now but they really touched me. What a great group of students and teachers you have over there. Looking forward to working with you next year… already!

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